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WisLine Anytime Video

Participate in a videoconference at anytime or anywhere using the our WisLine Anytime Video desktop or mobile applications.

WisLine Anytime Video uses Cisco’s Jabber application for desktop, laptop or  mobile videoconferencing. It can be used from your office, home or other remote locations – with a wired or WiFi Internet connection. Jabber will allow you to connect with other WisLine Anytime Video users, classrooms equipped for videoconferencing, and mobile devices all in the same conference when connected through the WIsLine Video bridging service.

WisLine Anytime Video uses the Jabber Desktop and Mobile applications to connect users no matter what device they’re using. With the WisLine video bridging service you can connect multiple classroom sites,mobile devices and webcam-enabled desktop or laptop computers all in the same conference. Features include:

  • Cross-platform – Mac or Windows
  • Multiple mobile devices – Android and iOs
  • Point-to-point or multi-point using the WisLine Video bridging service
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Fast, easy, and reliable connections
  • Allows you to experience high-definition video conferencing anytime, anywhere
Each bridged video conference is supported through our teleconference operations center, and our event management staff will handle all of your conference setup and reservations needs. Our helpdesk is available to answer your technical questions and provide support during our regular hours of operation.
Click here for rates, or contact the WisLine Event Management team for more information and to make a conference reservation.

More Information

  • For questions and more information about using video conferencing for your next event, please contact the WisLine Event Management Team.
  • For technical support or to arrange a test of your system’s equipment, please contact the ICS Helpdesk at 1-800-442-4614.