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Media Production

UW-Shared Services Media Production offers the following services:

Video Recording Studio

Our fully-equipped video recording and streaming studio is located in the Pyle Center on the UW-Madison campus. Professional equipment, studio lighting, a customizable set and curtained backdrops allow us to produce, record, and edit streaming video, or stream and record live video conferences or webcasts.

The studio is regularly used to create lecture captures, record professional development and training sessions, record promotional messages and videos, deliver and stream webcasts and much more.

Your edited recording can be delivered in the video file format which best suits your needs, including high definition, broadcast quality video, or files suitable for posting to YouTube or other online video channels.

Video Production

We record events held in Madison’s Pyle Center, elsewhere on the UW-Madison campus, or at other venues in Madison and around the state.

Video Editing

Our experts edit your content from various sources, incorporating additional graphics and audio in order to provide an original and polished final product. Recordings can be delivered to you in a variety of file formats and resolutions.

Streaming Video and Webcasts

We use the same professional setup as in our video productions while adding the ability to stream your event online. We can live stream (the video is available to viewers in real time, as it’s taking place) and/or provide an archive of the stream (the video is available anytime after the event is over).

Video Conferencing

Our video conferencing tools allow you to meet with your colleagues, conduct courses and seminars and collaborate on projects without traveling across the state or country.

In addition, we can help you connect multiple sites in high-definition audio and video.

Phone Conferencing

The COVID-19 pandemic – and the unprecedented number of resulting telecommuters – has put a strain on the telephony network across the United States. All carriers have reported issues. We suggest:

  • Trying to schedule calls that start after the top of the hour – ex., 3:15 or 3:30, instead of 3:00
  • Trying to use toll calling (instead of toll-free) since that is not used as frequently

Please contact the HelpDesk, below, with issues regarding WisLine Phone Conferencing.

We continue to offer phone conferencing for two or 200+ people. Let us assist in organizing and testing for your large-scale calls.

Audio Editing

We can edit audio recordings produced elsewhere to improve the quality and adjust the content.