You don’t have to be the greatest filmmaker of all time to influence a large audience with moving images. ICS can help you create a video masterpiece to post online for the world to see!

ICS offers myriad resources for creating professional online video, including a fully equipped professional studio and two self-record studios located in The Pyle Center. Whether you want to produce a full-fledged documentary, online lecture or short promotional message, ICS can help.

Our digital media specialists have a combined 40 years of award-winning video production experience. Here, they offer six tips that will help your video shine:

  1. Plan your video. Know your objective and be concise. Students or staff may be obligated to watch your video, but you still need to hold their attention. An outline or script will help you meet your objective and stay on topic.
  2. Be brief. Short videos are more likely to hold your audience’s attention. If you can, break up a long presentation into multiple short videos.
  3. Show, don’t tell. Video is a visual medium, so illustrate your point rather than just talk about it! This can be done with images, graphs, video or whatever works best for the point you’re trying to make.
  4. Audio matters. A clean audio recording is essential to your video. People expect good audio—they are accustomed to consuming audio without video, but rarely the reverse.
  5. Promote your video. A great video with no views won’t help you. Post your video where it will be seen by your audience, optimize for SEO and share the link wherever you can.
  6. Engage your viewers. Grab your viewers’ attention quickly, and end your video with a question or call-to-action. Take advantage of interactivity features that your host (i.e. YouTube or Vimeo) offers. Link your video to supporting documents or videos. Use the comments and questions features to create a dialogue.

Need more advice for creating professional online video? Contact an ICS digital media specialist about your project today.