BYOD (bring your own device) is booming—in education and business. Recent surveys show how prevalent it is for people to use their own devices when communicating, collaborating and learning:

We’ve all twiddled our thumbs in lectures and conferences as presenters and colleagues try to figure out unfamiliar technology. BYOD solves some of those problems. Users are more comfortable with their personal devices—they can expertly navigate the technology, increasing productivity.

BYOD can also increase classroom interaction. For example, there are several apps on the market that make it easy to integrate polling questions into PowerPoint and other presentation applications.

Many teachers, presenters and trainers encourage attendees to use their own mobile devices to live tweet to special hashtags as a means to gather input or discuss a question or problem. Online aggregators can then show a running list of those tweets.

ICS recognizes the advantages of BYOD and supports the concept in all of our distance learning and virtual conferencing services. Whether you use one of our versatile spaces in The Pyle Center or meet on your own terms, ICS supports your device.

  • The Pyle Center: All of our distance learning and conference rooms are equipped with free WiFi so participants can bring their own devices and access the Internet. Instructors can use their own devices to make their presentations accessible to participants.
  • WisLine: Our suite of audio conferencing, video conferencing, web conferencing and webcasting tools allow you to collaborate anytime, anywhere—with any device.

Most importantly, the ICS learning design team will help you use your devices seamlessly to create the best possible education or conferencing experience, and our Instructional Media Services team is always available during your meetings and conferences to provide technical support.

For more information on how ICS supports BYOD, contact the ICS media services team today.