Engagement Improves Learning Outcomes


A key to effectively teaching is interacting with your audience and making sure your learners are engaged, regardless of whether the audience is local or at a distance. Here are some tips for creating engagement with your audience by using common (and free) presentation tools.

Google Slides Q&A

Google Slides is a free presentation tool, similar to PowerPoint. Slides are created online and saved in “the cloud” so they’re accessible anywhere. You can also add collaborators or easily share an entire presentation with a group.

The Google Slides Q&A feature allows your audience to submit questions online, and you can show those questions to the entire audience if you choose. This is a tool that also works great for distance collaboration tools like WisLine Anytime Video and WisLine Anytime Web.


Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is another great audience engagement tool, allowing people to respond to polls and questions by either going to a specific website, by texting in answers, or through an Android or iOS app. Responses can be displayed in real-time, and are saved for future reference. Poll Everywhere also has apps that plug right into PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides, making it easier to build polls directly into presentations.

Poll Everywhere works great with distance teaching and learning tools, too. Try using it with WisLine Anytime Video and WisLine Anytime Web when the chat box doesn’t create enough engagement. Take a look at how to set up a poll and incorporate it into WisLine Anytime Video in the video below.


Got another tool for engaging your audience, either locally or at a distance? We’d love to hear from you!