NEW! Easy, Instant, Affordable Web Conferencing from WisLine

WisLine Anytime Web

You are invited to preview the latest addition to the WisLine suite of services. WisLine Anytime Web is a web conferencing application designed to integrate seamlessly with WisLine Anytime audio. Start meetings instantly at anytime from your WisLine Anytime dashboard or by using the URL you receive with your account. You can share documents, applications, desktops and whiteboards with your attendees, record your meetings and more.

WisLine Anytime Web is user-friendly with no downloads required, and the intuitive, easy-to-learn user interface makes it a breeze to host meetings. It is integrated with your existing WisLine Anytime audio subscription making it easy to access from your anytime dashboard.

At an economical 5 cents per minute , you can host collaborative meetings, conferences, product demos, classes and more whenever you need them. You get access for up to 150 participants with your subscription, and you do not incur a charge for the service until you use it.

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For further information about WisLine Anytime Web and learn how you can get your subscription, contact the WisLine Services team.