Are you aware The Pyle Center houses not just one, but three professional video recording studios?

ICS offers its clients the opportunity to create professional videos at a fraction of the cost charged by public production companies. Whether you want to create a high-definition documentary or upload an online lecture to YouTube, ICS has the technology to help you succeed.

Resources include ICS’ fully equipped video recording studio located in room 214 as well as two new self-recording studios. The room 214 studio is staffed by an experienced ICS technician and equipped to produce anything that can be done in a TV studio, including high-definition audio and video.

The two self-recording studios are each equipped with a computer, webcam, microphone and basic recording software. ICS staff will give you a tutorial the first time you use the facility and are always available to assist you thereafter.

ICS sat down with Kevin Adamzak and Matt Stanosz, the digital media specialists who designed the studios, to give you an insider’s view into the benefits of using The Pyle Center studios.

Q. What were your main considerations when designing room 214 and the new self-recording studios?

A. With room 214 we wanted to create a space where we could create high quality television-style productions. Various backgrounds give us the opportunity to create different looks for clients while allowing for an easy turnover from one group to the next. The self-recording studios are meant to be client-paced and hands-off from a support point of view. We’re trying to make the rooms as easy to use as possible so someone can come in with minimal training and sit down to record.

Q. Why should someone use your studios versus some of the do-it yourself video production tools out there?

A. Our production studio in room 214 is always staffed with a professional to run the production and we can scale up as necessary to guarantee a high-quality product. We have the capability of doing high-definition, multi-camera productions and live broadcasting them on the Internet. For a do-it-yourselfer, our self-record spaces are meant to give an alternative space to your home or office. While you may have the same or similar software to what we offer, we have equipment that you’re not likely to have, such as a high-quality camera, microphone and teleprompter. We also have quiet spaces, away from the day-to-day distractions that come from recording in your office.

Q. Why should someone use ICS over a production company?

A. Cost and service. Video production is time intensive and as such is expensive, but we deliver a great video production at a reasonable price. When you schedule an event with us, you’ll get our personal attention. When you start working with one of us to plan the technical details of your event, you’ll know that we’ll be with you through the day-of and until your video is done and in your hands. We take a lot of pride in what we do and feel personally responsible to make sure that your video turns out well.

Q. How do you help clients create quality online video?

A. The first thing we do is to determine the purpose of the video, who the audience is and what the final product should look like. Once we know those things, we can tailor what we do to fit those goals.

Q. What do your editing services entail?

A. We run the gamut with our editing. Many videos of live events require only a small trim or a title, but we’ve put together documentary-style videos requiring titles, animations and hours of footage that need to be trimmed down for content and time. We work with you every step of the way to make sure that the product is shaping up as you hope. We can also help determine the best formats for posting, make suggestions on interactivity online and author the final product accordingly.

Q. How should someone choose between using room 214 and a self-recording studio?

A. There are two big questions to answer: How many people are recording? and Are you going live with this event? The self-capture rooms are only designed for a single person and aren’t equipped to broadcast live. Room 214 can handle several people on camera at any given time and can broadcast live on the internet in a number of formats. Beyond that it’s best to give ICS a call and discuss your project and what you’re trying to accomplish so that we can help determine what space will give you the best results.

Q. What kinds of projects are best suited for the studios?

A. The possibilities are endless. Most of our clients see opportunities to create lecture captures, record professional development and training sessions, record promotional messages and videos, deliver and stream webcasts, and more. We’ve done many live webcasts, and we recently had UW System President Cross record a video for YouTube when he accepted the position.

Take advantage of the opportunities ICS offers. Get started on creating your professional video today! Contact the WisLine Services account management team to get started.