WisLine Suite

The WisLine Suite is ICS’ collection of services for audio conferencing, video conferencing, web conferencing, and webcasting. Together, these services are communications systems which can be used separately, or blended, in order to help you meet, teach and learn more productively, saving everyone time and money.

The WisLine Suite includes:

wisline-plus-24x24WisLine Anytime

WisLine anytime is standard teleconferencing that everyone has come to expect. This conferencing is always available, without a need to make a reservation. This service is great for any size meeting, and is a great way to communicate at a low barrier to entry. It also means that communicating from anywhere, including the south pole, is simple and cost-effective. WisLine anytime also allows you to record your meetings, and manage your subscription from the internet.

wisline-web-24x24WisLine Web

WisLine web is a series of webconference, or webinar, platforms, each with their own subtle nuances or feature sets. This technology primarily focuses on sharing documents, presentations, or website walkthroughs at a distance, with audio or video playing a supporting role. The interaction is live, and can be done through a chat feature. Currently, WisLine Web is provided by one of the following three platforms:

WisLine Web can be combined with the WisLine Anytime service, to provide consistency and familiarity. The meetings can also be recorded, so presentations can be shared with anyone who couldn’t attend the live meeting.

wisline-video-24x24WisLine Video

WisLine video is a service that focuses on videoconferencing, which is all about a face-to-face interaction, conducted at a distance. Close to 80% of communication is nonverbal, so this service puts that visual interaction at the forefront. Sharing presentation slides or other computer images is also possible, and they support the virtual face-to-face interaction. WisLine video conferences can also be recorded and delivered as a live stream, an archive, or as a DVD.

wisline-webcast-24x24WisLine Webcast

WisLine webcast is a service that focuses on broadcasting a meeting or conference on the web with streaming video and content. Streaming a presentation allows you to provide the information to a lot of people at one time, or make the content available to view on-demand. The quality of the audio and video is very high. Interaction is usually through a text-based medium, like email or a chat function. WisLine webcast is also simple for attendees – just click on a link and you’re watching the presentation.

There is some service overlap in the WisLine Suite, so feel free to combine different services in order to accomplish your teaching and learning goals. For example, you could combine a WisLine Video event with a WisLine Webcast service in order to bring in more live presenters, but still reach a wide audience in a cost-effective manner.

Whatever service within the WisLine Suite you choose, ICS is ready to support you. We offer training and technical support, and are always focused on making your event successful.


For more information on any of the services  included in the WisLine suite contact WisLine Services.