WisLine Anytime Web – Training Videos

//WisLine Anytime Web – Training Videos
  • Need tips for using WisLine Anytime Web? Check out these videos!

    The following short videos are divided into specific concepts that users find most helpful:

      Accessing Conferences

      Accessing WisLine Anytime Web conferences can be done easily from your WisLine Anytime account verification email, or from the WisLine Anytime Dashboard.

      Audio Connections

      Audio is essential for communicating at a distance. WisLine Anytime Web allows users to connect using their phone or their computer (with a microphone and speakers).

      Sharing Documents and Applications

      Sharing documents or presentations (Word, PDF, PowerPoint, etc) is a pretty simple process. Sharing your desktop or other applications, like with a website walkthrough, is also user-friendly.

      Engaging with Presentations

      Sometimes sharing a document isn't enough -- you need to draw attention to specific parts of a presentation or document, or you want to easily tailor your presentation to a specific audience without recreating your entire presentation.

      Moderating Conferences

      Moderator tools allow a conference moderator to grant certain privileges, mute/unmute certain attendees, or alter the chat function of the conference.

      Using Video

      Being able to see and hear conference attendees improves personal connections. Improved video sharing in WisLine Anytime Web makes it even better to meet at a distance.

      Recording Conferences

      Recording your WisLine Anytime Web conferences couldn't be easier. Click a couple buttons, and wait for an email to retrieve your recording!

      How do you use WisLine Anytime Web? We'd love to hear from you!

WisLine Anytime Web – Training Videos

For more information about WisLine Anytime Web: https://www.ics.uwex.edu/wisline-suite/web-conferencing/wisline-anytime-web/

For more information about WisLine Web: https://www.ics.uwex.edu/wisline-suite/web-conferencing/

For more information about the WisLine Suite of services: https://www.ics.uwex.edu/wisline-suite/


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