Video Production Services

The ICS video production services include recordings for events held at The Pyle Center, in other locations on the UW-Madison campus, or at other venues in Madison and statewide.

Depending on your needs, we can provide either a single camera or a multiple camera setup. When more than one camera is used, our editing services can be added to create a professional, polished production.
Video content is edited from various sources and incorporated with additional graphics and audio in order to provide an original, polished final product. Recordings can be delivered to you in a variety of file formats and resolutions, depending upon your needs.
Presentation slides and/or other content such as web pages and images are synchronized to studio recorded audio and captioning text. This fully accessible content is delivered on the web.

Production Studios

Video and audio recording studio options in The Pyle Center include a fully-equipped, professional studio as well as two small self-record studios.


The Pyle Center Video Recording Studio, located in room 214, is a fully-equipped video streaming and recording studio. The room features studio lighting, a customizable set, and curtained backdrops. We can produce, record, and edit streaming video, or stream and record live video conferences or webcasts. Your edited recording can be delivered in the video file format which best suits your needs, including high definition, broadcast quality video, or files suitable for posting to YouTube or other online video channels. You can use the studio to create lecture captures, record professional development and training sessions, record promotional messages and videos, deliver and stream webcasts, and much more.

Two new self-recording studios are available in The Pyle Center. Each is equipped with a computer, web cam, microphone, and basic recording software. You can use a studio to record your video, suitable for sharing on web sites or for streamed lecture captures, and upload it to your favorite video sharing service. Our staff will give you a basic tutorial in use of the software and hardware the first time you use the facility.

Audio Recording and Editing Services

Audio recordings can be edited to enhance the quality of the audio production and to clean up noise or any undesired content of the recording.
We can convert older analog media formats such as reel-to-reel audiotapes, audiocassettes, and VHS tapes to digital files. Files are delivered to you on CD or DVD.
Our technicians can travel to your meeting or event outside of The Pyle Center to digitally record meetings, hearings, lectures, or presentations. There may be limitations due to meeting location or other conditions.
Two audio control rooms and the acoustically treated audio recording studio in The Pyle Center provide a professional recording environment. Our experienced digital media technicians are available to guide you through the recording process. During your recording time in the studio a technician is always available and provides feedback and assures the quality of the final production. Some examples of audio production projects include narration for video, voiceovers for training modules, and interviews.
CDs or DVDs are duplicated, packaged, and delivered. Choose the bundled selection for best value or mix and match from many available options.
Preserve 35mm slides for continued use by converting them to a digital collection of images on a single CD or set of CDs. Different resolutions and storage options are available.

Streaming Video and Webcasts

Interested in having your event streamed? We can do that too. We use the same type of camera setups but add the ability to stream your event over the Internet where it can then be viewed from a web site. We can live stream (the video is available to viewers at the same time as the event is taking place) and/or provide an archive the stream (the video is available on demand at any time after the event is over). Streaming services at ICS include multiple types of capturing and delivery methods, including the ability to stream your videoconference to a wider audience.

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Please contact the IMS team to request more information about audio and video production.