ICS operates a variety of specialized spaces in The Pyle Center including rooms for distance learning, collaboration, and specialized digital editing and recording spaces.  Please consult with an ICS event management specialist to help you choose the spaces and services which best meet your program and meeting needs.

Collaboration Spaces

Room 209

Room 209 is a collaborative teaching and learning space. It has been completely redesigned with the following features:

  • Collaborative, software teaching & learning space
  • Audio, video, web conference-enabled
  • Designed for small group interaction
  • Monitors at each table to easily share work and ideas
  • Bring Your Own Device or use our iPad cart
  • 24 seats

Room 310

Room 310 is a collaborative learning space specially designed to provide everything you need to host meetings and conferences at a distance. Features found in the room include:

  • Audio, video, web conference enabled
  • Custom boardroom-style table
  • Two 65” flat screen monitors
  • Six laptops available for the use of the on-site participants
  • Seats up to 12 participants

Room 310

Flipped Classrooms

ICS has two flipped classrooms in The Pyle Center to be used for professional development, distance education, seminars and more. Flipped classroom design is based upon the following common elements:

  • Students view pre-recorded online video lectures outside of the class or meeting time.
  • Face-to-face time is spent solving problems or creating content together.
  • The design of the space emphasizes student-centered learning versus presenter-centered lecture and encourages collaboration between students.
  • An inclusive learning environment encourages on-site and off-site participants to connect with each other using built-in technologies.

Rooms 312 & 315

  • Collaborative mobile learning
  • Multi-functional
  • Flat screen monitors at each table
  • Movable, reconfigurable tables for flexibility with 12 – 15 participants
  • Instructor monitors
  • iPad cart available or Bring Your Own Device
  • Easily conference with other rooms or with other devices using video, audio or web conferencing services

Flipped classroom image


For more information about using flipped classrooms, please contact:

Nate Jorgensen, nate.jorgensen@ics.uwex.edu, 608-262-2857 To reserve a flipped classroom, contact the ICS event management team.

Rooms 312 & 315 can be used singly or both can be reserved at the same time at the following rates:

  • $300.00 per day per room
  • $200.00 per half day per room
  • $450.00 per day — 312 and 315 combined
  • $300.00 per half day — 312 and 315 combined

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Click here for Flipped Classroom frequently asked questions in the ICS Knowledge Base, or contact the Event Management Team for more information.