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Where is there more information about flipped classrooms?2014-05-27T12:11:30-05:00

You can view more information about the flipped classrooms at ICS at:

Videoconference screen layout options2013-11-26T16:27:08-06:00

Download the screen layout options for WisLine Video conferences.

What are the rates for using WisLine Web with WebEx?2017-01-31T15:05:59-06:00

The charges for using WebEx through WisLine Web are:

  • Conference: $0.16 / minute / connection plus $.029 / minute / audio line
  • Recording line: $0.189 / minute (one line is required for recording)
  • Recording storage: Ten day free storage. Files are automatically deleted from the server after ten days. A storage fee will be charged if the storage time is extended.

Click here for all WisLine Web rates and services.

Is there a user guide for WisLine Anytime?2017-01-31T15:05:59-06:00

WisLine Anytime User Guide Yes. Click here to download and save the WisLine Anytime User Guide in pdf format.

WisLine Anytime Moderator Interface Tools2017-01-31T15:05:59-06:00

Dashboard Moderator Interface Tools

These audio conference host controls are designed to work with most common web browsers, without requiring any additional plug-in software or downloads.

Conference Commands

Call Me – A convenient option for the host to join their personal audio conference call by being dialed out to from the audio conference. Note: the Call Me feature can also be used to dial-out to and designate multiple individuals as “host” in order to prevent their lines from being muted when the Mute All feature is used.

Launch a web conference – Starts a web conference. This will open another window.

Mute All – Mutes All participant lines.

Unmute All – Removes mute from All participant lines.

Roll Call – Plays a roll call of all participant name recordings to the host. Note: Name Record must be selected as a Conference Preference prior to the start of the call.

Operator – Requests private operator assistance for the host. Note: the host will be removed from the conference call as the private operator assistance is being provided.

Call Participants – Allows the host to dial out to parties not on the conference call. Select Call Participants and enter name and telephone number. For all calls, including local, enter the telephone number with area code (do not enter 1), then select “Dial.” Note: during the participant dial-out, the host is removed from the conference call to allow them to speak privately to the dialed-out participant. After the called party answers, select “Connect” to join both to the conference call, or “Disconnect” to disconnect party and rejoin the conference call. This feature is only available with reservationless audio conferencing service.

Lock/Unlock Conference – Locks the audio conference to prevent additional participants from joining the call. After selecting “Lock,” this control will change to “Unlock Conference.” This feature is only available with reservationless audio conferencing service.

Start Recording/Stop Recording – Records the audio conference call. Host and all participants will receive an audio prompt whenever call recording is started or stopped. After selecting “Start Recording”, this control will change to “Stop Recording”. This feature is only available with reservationless audio conferencing service.

Participant List – Displays a snapshot of the audio participants, providing both print & download controls. Note: participant names must be populated by using the Edit Name feature or by utilizing the participant PIN import feature.

Chat – Enables a secure chat session between the host and operator and between the host and speakers. This feature is only available with an operator attended audio conferencing service.

Q&A Control – Provides host access to view and manage participant queuing during a Q&A session. This feature is only available with operator attended audio conferencing service.

Poll Responses – Provides host access to view audio conference polling results. This feature is only available with operator attended audio conferencing service.

End Conference – Ends the audio conference and moderator session. This feature is only available with reservationless audio conferencing service. An operator will assist with ending the conference for all attended audio conferencing services.

Log Out – Closes the moderator tool session. This feature does not end the audio conference.

Participant Line Controls

Mute individual lines by selecting the Mute checkbox. Once muted, lines can be un-muted by de-selecting the Mute checkbox.

To name a participant line, select the Edit Name icon , enter the name and select the Save button.

Identify participants with host-only playback of recorded name by selecting the Playback icon. Note: Name Record must be selected as a Conference Preference prior to the start of the call.

Disconnect participants by selecting the Disconnect icon. Redial with the Redial icon. Redial utilizes the Call Participants dial-out feature.

Remove all disconnected lines from the moderator tool by selecting the Remove icon. Note: selecting a single Remove icon will remove (all) disconnected lines from the viewable participant list and from the moderator tool generated Participant List (see Participant List conference command above).

Participant data that is shown in the moderator tool can be reordered or sorted using the (sort symbol) that is located in the header of that sort enabled field.

Web conference service comparison2017-01-31T15:06:02-06:00

You can compare the major services and rates for the three web conference applications supported by ICS.

Click here to view and download the PDF document.

Blackboard Collaborate Resources for Presenters & Participants2017-02-10T13:08:33-06:00

There is much more information available for Blackboard Collaborate presenters and participants on the Blackboard Collaborate web site. Here are our most requested links (pages will open in a new window):

What web conference platforms does ICS support?2013-10-23T11:51:09-05:00

Currently, there are two web conference applications available through WisLine Web.

  1. WebEx is offered through our WisLine Anytime service. WebEx is one of the leading web conference platforms. It is fully integrated with our WisLine Anytime audio conference service, and offers many professional features in the standard setup. WebEx through WisLine Web allows you to host web conferences whenever and wherever you want with up to 150 phone lines and web licenses available when you need them. No scheduling or reservations are necessary. More information about WebEx.
  2. Blackboard Collaborate is offered through our partnership with the UW System. It provides many tools and features that educators use for interaction and collaboration with students and colleagues. When you need phone audio with Blackboard Collaborate, ICS can reserve your Blackboard Collaborate meeting or class with an accompanying WisLine Anytime audioconference. More information about Blackboard Collaborate.

Coming August 1, 2013 – WisLine Web will offer Adobe Connect support. Adobe Connect is another industry leader in web conferencing and allows you to host and store your files, recordings, and presentations in your Adobe Connect meeting space at no extra charge. You can use either the built-in VoIP (voice over Internet) for audio or choose the accompanying anytime audio conference. More information about Adobe Connect is coming soon.

How do I contact the ICS help desk?2017-01-31T15:06:02-06:00

The ICS helpdesk is available by phone at: 1-800-442-4614 or 608-262-3399.

More technical support contact information is available on the ICS support page.

What are the rates for WisLine Video conferences?2017-01-31T15:06:02-06:00

Click here for the rates for videoconference bridging and associated charges.

What are the rates for WisLine Anytime conferences?2017-01-31T15:06:02-06:00

The rates for WisLine Anytime reservationless audio conferences are posted here.

Download the full list of WisLine Anytime, WisLine Audio Plus and WisLine Web rates (pdf).

What are the rates for WisLine Audio Plus Conferences?2017-01-31T15:06:02-06:00

Click here for rates for audio plus reserved conferences.

Download a PDF with rates for all WisLine Anytime and Audio Plus services.

What types of reserved audio conferences are there?2017-01-31T15:06:02-06:00

Express Join

  • Operator assisted for presenters.
  • Presenters receive the continuous support and active conference management of an experienced operator.
  • Participants simply join the event with a toll-free telephone number and passcode, ensuring that the event always starts on time and with the right people there.

Event Manager

  • Combines the benefits and features of a traditional operator-assisted audio conference with the speed and convenience of an automated conference, making your conferencing events even more productive and easier to manage.
  • Participants register through an online site and receive email notification of their phone number and passcode.

Conference Manager

  • Conference Manager gives you continuous support for your most important, high visibility conferencing events. Experienced operators actively manage the conference and offer assistance for queuing questioners, polling participants, and exchanging information with the conference host.Participants register through an online site and receive email notification of their phone number and passcode.
  • A dedicated conference manager handles all the administrative details of your event, so you can concentrate on the content and flow of the call. 
Where are the rates for IMS posted?2017-01-31T15:06:03-06:00

The rates for Instructional Media Services (IMS) packages and services are posted here.

Host Your First WisLine Anytime Conference2017-02-03T11:47:34-06:00


Moderators have two passcodes for each conference: 1) the conference passcode; 2) the moderator (host) code. This is a security measure which prevents unauthorized users from holding conferences using your 24 x 7 account(s) and gives you access to moderator functions such as starting and stopping recordings and muting and un-muting all participants. DO NOT share your moderator passcode with participants.

To start a call:

  • Dial in to the toll-free number and follow the recorded prompts.
  • Enter the conference passcode followed by the # sign.
  • PressNext, enter the moderator Code. Entering the moderator code starts the conference and allows all participants to talk.

To end a call:

  • Calls end when all participants (including the moderator) hang up their phones.


Participants dial the toll-free number and enter only the conference passcode. If the moderator has not yet activated the conference participants will be placed on music hold until the moderator enters the moderator passcode.

Online Dashboard

The online dashboard is optional. You can host conference calls at any time using only your dial-in number and passcodes. The online dashboard does give you access to many extra features, however. If you wish to monitor your 24 x 7 usage, host web conferences, or use the online moderator tools, or download recordings you will need to create a dashboard account.

Get started with the dashboard

  • Click get started with account dashboard click herein your moderator email to get started.
  • You will receive an email containing a link to verify and create your dashboard account.
  • Your email address is your dashboard username. You will be asked to create a password which is known only to you. Please be sure to save your password.
  • If you forget your password you can re-set it from the Conference Center homepage ( Click “retrieve password” from the myAccount Dashboard Log In. You will receive an email with instructions for re-setting your password. Be patient. It can take a few minutes to receive the email.

NOTE: After three unsuccessful dashboard log-in attempts, you will be locked out of your account and will not be able to hold conferences or access your dashboard. If this happens, please call ICS immediately, and we will have your account re-set manually.


All WisLine Anytime conferences can easily be recorded. There is no charge to record and download audio conferences. To record a conference do the following:

  • After you dialed in to your conference as a moderator, hit *2 your phone to start recording
  • To finish a recording hit *2 again.
  • Log in to your dashboard to download the file. Files are recorded in mp3 format and are stored on the server for 10 days following your conference. You will receive an email notice when your file is available to download and a reminder message to download your file 3 days before the file deletion date.
How many participants can I have in a WisLine Anytime audio conference?2013-06-11T12:54:24-05:00

Seventy-five lines are available to each host per meeting by default. The number can be increased to a maximum of 150 lines per host. A host can have multiple meetings each with up to 150 lines available. Each meeting will have its own unique passcode.


How do I notify participants about WisLine Anytime conferences?2013-06-11T12:52:38-05:00

After you’ve set up your WisLine Anytime account you’ll receive a moderator invitation with all of the details you’ll need to access your account and host conference calls. In addition you’ll receive a particpant invitation. Whenver you wish to hold a conference simply forward the participant invitation to your participants. Everyone dials in to the toll-free number. Hosts enter their special host passcode, participants enter the participant passcode and the meeting begins.

How do I get started with WisLine Anytime?2017-01-31T15:06:03-06:00

Simply request a WisLine Anytime account. You can do that by:

Can International callers dial-in to WisLine Anytime?2017-01-31T15:06:03-06:00

Yes. International calls are enabled in WisLine Anytime. When you create your 24 x 7 subscription, you can choose to activate International Freephone Service (ITFS) which will enable the international toll-free service. That allows participants to dial a toll-free long distance number for their country or locality at no charge to them. There is a higher per minute long distance charge for those calls.

The rate is dependent upon the country calling. The WisLine Anytime team can give you quotes on those rates upon request.

What is the URL for the MyAccount dashboard?2013-06-11T12:47:04-05:00

After creating your account, you can log in to view your account and manage conferences at

Is there technical support for WisLine Anytime?2017-01-31T15:06:03-06:00

Yes. Technical support is available whenever you’re in a meeting by dialing *0 on your phone keypad. If you are having difficulty joining a meeting dial 1-800-766-1863. Please be prepared to give the operator either the host’s name, the meeting title, or the confirmation number of the meeting.

Who can use WisLine Anytime?2013-06-11T12:41:07-05:00

WisLine Anytime is currently available to any governmental agency (local, State or Federal), UW System Institutions and departments, and any non-profit organization.

How will I be billed for WisLine Anytime?2013-06-11T12:37:15-05:00

We can bill WisLine Anytime to any existing WisLine Audio account, or we can set up a new account for billing. We send you an invoice, and you can pay by credit card through our secure online payment system. UW-Extension departments can pay using internal funding.

How does WisLine Anytime work?2013-06-11T12:36:03-05:00

After your new WisLine Anytime is assigned, you’ll be issued your own host passcode, which will not change, and will allow you to hold conferences at any time, anywhere. You can re-use your passcode at any time and only you will have access to your moderator passcode.

Can I record my WisLine Anytime conferences?2017-01-31T15:06:03-06:00

Yes. As a WisLine Anytime meeting host, you’ll be able to record your meeting using touchtone commands or by using your online account dashboard. Conferences are recored in .mp3 format, and can be downloaded and saved from the online dashboard. You will receive an email notice when your recording is available for download.

Recordings are available on the MyAccount dashboard for 10 days following the conference at no charge and must be downloaded within those 10 days. There is no charge for recording. You will be charged the per minute charge (2.9 cents) for one recording line in addition to the line charges for your conference. There is an extra charge to retrieve recordings which have been archived. Please see the rates page for more details.

How to configure your laptop to work with ECC projectors2017-01-31T15:06:03-06:00

Option 1

You can configure your laptop to connect with Extension Conference Center LCD projectors and monitors. Presenters using their own laptops must have administrative rights to them. “Administrative rights” means that you have permission to change settings, download material, and reconfigure settings. If you own your laptop, you have administrative rights. If you’re using a corporate computer, you may or may not have administrative rights. Please check with your desktop administrator before your presentation to assure that you have administrative rights.

When connecting to portable projectors and room systems, presenters need to know how to toggle between internal and external monitors. Presenters must have all accessories including: power supply, mouse, and adaptors necessary to connect to a standard 15-pin VGA connector.

How to Configure Your Laptop

The configurations necessary to connect a laptop to an LCD projector or monitor in the Extension Conference Centers are:

  • Set resolution to 1024×768
  • Set scan rate to 60Hz
  • Set colors to lowest level
  • Disable hibernation/sleep
  • Disable screen saver
  • Be aware of anti-spyware, anti-virus, and firewall dialog boxes/scheduled scans

If you can’t configure your laptop in advance, contact us at least 24 hours before your program start so we can test your laptop. This will save presentation time and minimize disruption.

Option 2:

ICS can configure your laptop. We will diagnose, resolve, or suggest alternate solutions. The minimum charge will be one hour of technical support ($100 per hour).

Option 3:

ICS can provide a laptop for presenters using the Extension Conference Centers ($90 per day). ICS strongly encourages presenters to carry back-ups of their files on USB drives or CDs in the event an alternate computer is needed.

For More Information:

Connecting Mac Laptops in Pyle Center Classrooms

Connecting PC Laptops in Pyle Center Classrooms