WisLine Web

Communicate and Collaborate in real time.

Web conferencing allows you to effectively and easily communicate and collaborate in real-time.With WisLine Web you can conduct live, interactive meetings, courses, and programs using a web browser and a phone or Internet audio (VoIP).

Any visual content that can be presented in person can be presented using WisLine Web. A variety of visual materials can be used to deliver content with the added ability to actively engage the participants and receive real-time feedback and interaction. You can share documents, applications, and multimedia with your audience. Webcams allow you to interact through video with participants.

All content is available to all participants at the same time. Presenters can control the delivery of their visuals allowing only what they want to be seen when they want it seen.


ICS supports WisLine Anytime Web, Cisco WebEx and Blackboard Collaborate platforms for web conferencing. Choose the platform and features that best suits your needs.

  • Choose between three web conference applications, depending upon your needs: WebEx, Blackboard Collaborate, and WisLine Anytime Web
  • High quality audio with a choice of phone or VoIP, or both
  • Multiple webcam connections allow you to have video conference interaction within your web conference
  • Your own web conference “space” with no need to book or schedule with WisLine Anytime Web and WebEx
  • 100 – 150 phone lines available to use with your own web conference meeting space
  • 24/7 support with WebEx and WisLine Anytime Web
  • Toll-free phone access for hosts and participants at no charge
  • Record and manage your own recordings at no extra charge

WisLine Web conferences are charged connection per minute. Charges vary depending upon the webconference application you select.

You’re billed only for the minutes you use. You can record and download your conferences at no charge.

Click here for the WisLine Web rate sheet.

Click here for WisLine Web Questions and Answers in the ICS Knowledge Base, or contact the WisLine Services Team for new accounts and more information.