WisLine Anytime Web

Web Conferencing Anytime. Anywhere.

Easy, instant web sharing and collaboration.

Now you can easily share your computer screen, documents and applications online in real-time so you can start working with remote colleagues and students in seconds, wherever they are located. With its intuitive interface and seamless integration with WisLine Anytime audio, WisLine Anytime Web is the simple to use, all in one remote collaboration for anyone. Anytime. Anywhere.
WisLine Anytime Web

Benefits and Advantages of WisLine Web Anytime

Enhance collaboration with visual information  sharing over the Internet

WisLine Anytime Web enables sharing of your entire computer screen, selected applications, or documents presented as slides straight through WisLine Anytime’s secure cloud platform:

  • Plug & Play: Instant access from your Web Browser
  • Simple and user friendly with only minimal user training required
  • Remote control of another desktop

Fully integrated with WisLine Anytime audio

WisLine Anytime Web is fully integrated with your existing WisLine Anytime Audio subscription. You can easily access it from your Anytime online dashboard or just use the link provided in your host invitation email. One click and you’re web conferencing. It’s that easy. 

Key benefits and features

With one click, users have a streamlined conference screen for instant application and document sharing.

WisLine Anytime Web host window

    • Hybrid audio conferencing, offering phone or VoIP access to meetings
    • Quick share buttons for fast, intuitive sharing of screens, applications, whiteboards or documents
    • Moderator console offering comprehensive, easy to use, icon-driven conference controls
    • Instant invitations for inviting new participants anytime during conferences
    • Public and private chat pop-ups when new messages are received
    • Audio and web recording for instant editing and sharing of content
    • One-click audio access activates instant call-back for joining conferences
    • Mobile integration for conferencing on-the-go with iOS and Android apps for tablets and smartphones
    • iOS app offers video and hybrid audio conferencing

More Information

WisLine Anytime Web is fully supported 24 x 7. Training on the use of WisLine Anytime Web and assistance following your training are always available through ICS at no charge. ICS provides learning design assistance for our customers at no charge, as well to help you learn how to adapt your presentations for web conference delivery. Please contact the WisLine Services Team to schedule an appointment with a learning designer.
  • Web conference: $0.05 / minute / connection +
  • Audio conference $0.029 / minute / connection

Recording line:

  • $0.079/ minute; Recording requires 1 line for duration of the recording. FREE 10 day file storage and FREE file download

Recording storage:

  • FREE. Files are stored for 10 days on the WisLine Anytime servers. Download from your online dashboard for off-line viewing and storage. All recording files are deleted after 10 days.

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 Click here for WisLine Anytime Web Questions and Answers in the ICS Knowledge Base, or contact the WisLine Services Team for new accounts and more information.


Please contact the WisLine Services Team for more information about WisLine Anytime Web.