Reserved Audio and Web Conferences

When you need a one-time scheduled conference, a large-scale event, or fully operator-managed conferences, a WisLine reserved conference is a great option. You can have a nearly unlimited number of phone lines with many conference options to choose from such as operator dial-out, registration pages, question and answer sessions, and much more.

Reserve the date, time and number of phone lines you need for your conference. Your conference will take place at the appointed time and only at the time you request. Both toll and toll-free dial in numbers are available and there are many options to choose from to suit the needs of your audience.

You can rely on the WisLine event managers and operators to manage every aspect of your conference leaving you free to attend to your message.

  • Access – Participants from any country can access conferences
  • Interactivity – Get live feedback from your participants
  • Reliability – Operators monitor your conference for quality throughout your conference
  • Time Savings – We handle the conference details for you

    There are many services and features available with a managed conference, including:

  • Operator assistance available continuously for both moderators and participants
  • Pre-conference meeting for speakers
  • Recording and digital playback
  • Q & A session with name announcement
  • Polling
  • Transcription
  • Online host controls and more

Express Join

  • Operator assisted for presenters.
  • Presenters receive the continuous support and active conference management of an experienced operator.
  • Participants simply join the event with a toll-free telephone number and passcode, ensuring that the event always starts on time and with the right people there.

Event Manager

  • Combines the benefits and features of a traditional operator-assisted audio conference with the speed and convenience of an automated conference, making your conferencing events even more productive and easier to manage.
  • Participants register through an online site and receive email notification of their phone number and passcode.

Conference Manager

  • Conference Manager gives you continuous support for your most important, high visibility conferencing events. Experienced operators actively manage the conference and offer assistance for queuing questioners, polling participants, and exchanging information with the conference host.Participants register through an online site and receive email notification of their phone number and passcode.
  • A dedicated conference manager handles all the administrative details of your event, so you can concentrate on the content and flow of the call. 

Click here for rates. Rates for reserved conferences can vary depending upon which extra services which may be reserved. An event manager will assist you with selecting the appropriate details, and you will receive a cost estimate in advance of your meeting.

Click here to request a conference reservation online.


The WisLine Event Management team can assist you to set up the conference which best suits your needs. Please contact the WisLine Event Management team for more information about reserved conferences.