WisLine Video

Face-to-Face Collaboration in High Definition

Meet with your colleagues, conduct courses and seminars, and collaborate on projects without travelling across the state or country. Video conferencing virtually brings your associates into your meeting room, class room or to your desktop.

With the WisLine Video bridging service, you can connect with multiple sites in high definition audio and video. Share content and collaborate with students, faculty, and staff.

Participants no longer need to go to a videoconference-equipped room. With the WisLine Video desktop and mobile device applications,  participants and presenters can be located in video rooms, at their desktops or on their mobile devices. Click on the the tabs below for detailed information.

Video conferencing uses audio and video telecommunications technologies to bring people at different sites together. Conferences can be a simple one-to-one conversation (point-to-point) or a bridged (multipoint) conference between groups of people at several locations. All participants can interact and content can be shared between sites. Standard definition and high definition video are available depending upon the capability of the equipment used by each end-point. 
The WisLine Video bridging service allows up to thirty locations to connect at once in any combination of room systems (such as the classrooms in The Pyle Center), desktop systems using web cams, or mobile devices with built-in cameras.
Instructional Communications Systems provides technical assistance before, during, and after your conference. You will always have someone to contact when you have questions or concerns. Consultation and assistance with planning a videoconference, instructional design, graphic selection and design, and teleconferencing and evaluation techniques is also available upon request.

If you are meeting in one of The Pyle Center conference rooms, we provide instruction on use of the control unit, microphones, and camera controls in your room with our experienced learning design prior to your first session. Contact the WisLine Event Management Team to reserve a time for training.

The WisLine Video service is available to any governmental, educational, or non-profit agency or department. To reserve a date and time for a videoconference, please contact the WisLine Event Management Team.

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More Information

  •  For questions and more information about using video conferencing for your next event, please contact the WisLine Event Management Team.
  • For technical support or to arrange a test of your system’s equipment, please contact the ICS Helpdesk at 1-800-442-4614.